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                                    Enid Williams BBC
The silent voice.Enyd Williams(above), BBC Radio Producer/Director of countless crime dramas. Enyd was at the heart of hundreds of classic radio detective productions.

Family wireless  old wireless valve radio  BBC radio recording  Recording Dick Barton
This site's dedicated to the great detectives that have appeared on English radio over the last 75 years or so.
      murder weapon   Metropolian police Sir Bernard Spilsbury Sir Bernard
                                                              Spilsbury(1877-1947), the brilliant father
                                                              of modern crime forensics.

These detectives have been created by British writers and are essentially "English" in character, like for example, Sherlock Holmes, or Miss Marple - produced for English radio listeners, and starring English actors.

A landmark radio whodunnit - Agatha Christie's, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Classic BBC Marconi old radio microphoneribbon microphone       classic whodunnit      

These are "acted" radio dramas, normally from 30 minutes to 90 minutes duration, not book readings, and not comedy radio detectives.

Many of the great radio detectives have appeared on the BBC Home Service (now BBC Radio 4), BBC Radio 4Xtra(formerly BBC Radio 7), or World Service transmissions, and some are from other independent stations, like  LBC(the London Broadcasting Corporation).

classic police telephone Scotland Yard Agatha Christie police blue lamp                       fingerprint  Radio Times Baker Street museum  old time valve radio

From top left, Policeman using classic Metropolitan police box, Old Scotland Yard building, Dame Agatha Christie, old
Metropolitan police blue lamp, early fingerprint, early edition of the Radio Times, the Sherlock Holmes museum,
and a vintage valve radio of the 1940s.