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Bulldog Drummond- The 1st James Bond

Created by
H.C. McNeile("Sapper") 1888-1937. He spent time on the Western
Front during WW1 and this tough experience was transferred to the character of Bulldog Drummond. McNeile was educated at the Royal Military Academy, and they say that that background created Drummond's character.
                                  Herman Cyril McNeile, Drummond's creator.
After McNeile died in 1937 the stories were carried on by other writers.                         

First Appeared in print
.: About 1920. Drummond is an ex WW1 vetran who looks for
adventure and excitement. Drummond is often described as The 1st James Bond.

First radio appearance : Drummond seems to have been more popular on
American radio, where he has been played by Hollywood
actors such as Ray Milland and Ronald Colman.
                                  Ronald Colman played Drummond on radio Ronald Colman

Partner/Sidekick : Like James Bond, Drummond is often paired with a pretty girl. This naturally worked better in the film adaptions. Vampish girl, Irma, appeared later as Drummond's partner. Also Phillis Benton the 1st woman who hired him.
Arch Enemies : Carl Peterson, a criminal genius with an insatianle appetite for
power and worl domination, similar to Goldfinger in the James Bond films.

Setting/Location : Very varied, and similar to those of James Bond, exotic.

Tv connections : Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson(above) as Drummond in the 1960s film versions of Bulldog
Drummond. Ronald Colman has also played Drummond on film.
Theme tune :