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Created by
Danny Brocklehurst (right) Danny Brocklehurst created DCI Stone.

                        Hugo Speer

First Appeared in print
.: 2009.

First radio appearance:
2009 starring Hugo Speer (above, and under "Homepage"), as the gruff, down-to-earth, "heard it all before" cynical city cop.                                                                                                                                       
Partner/Sidekick: DS Kelly Craig and DI Tanner.
Arch Enemies : Tough city street criminals. Stone's enemies are the pimps,drug pushers, prostitutes, muggers, pickpockets- what he describes as the "low-life, scum of the earth".

Setting/Location: Urban, city streets, and often a tough city housing estate, a far cry from the serene world of Miss Marple's country settings.

Tv connections : Hugo Speer appears as Inspector Valentine in BBC tvs production of Father Brown.

Theme tune :