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Created by
(Dame Edith) Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982). She was born, and died, in New Zealand.
                            Ngaio Marsh  Ngaio Marsh, creator of Inspector Alleyn                         

First Appeared in print
.: Inspector (Roderick) Alleyn first appeared in print in 1934, in A Man Lay Dead. He is a "gentleman" detective.

First radio appearance : Inspector Alleyn has been performed on BBC Radio4 Extra, with Jeremy Clyde as Alleyn.

Partner/Sidekick : Agatha Troy is his love interest, played byBelinda Lang Belinda Lang(left)in the tv series. He has a down-to-earth assistant, Inspector Fox, played by William Simons.

Arch Enemies : The classic "little old lady" or "village vicar".

Setting/Location : The classic country house murder setting, as in A Man Lay Dead, in 1930s England. Small town English life.

Tv connections : The part was first played on tv by Simon Williams, and then by Patrick Malahide(below). The BBC made nearly 10 episodes for tv in the 1990s.

                                 Patrick Malahide Patrick Malahide as Alleyn

Theme tune :  The classic 1930s-like radio piano theme tune