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Created by : Thorpe Hazell was created by British author Victor Whitechurch (1868-1933), who was an avid railway enthusiast. Hazell solved crimes with his extensive railway knowledge. Hazell was a vegetarian, which, in its time, was regarded as unusual.

                                             Victor Whitechurch

First Appeared in print
.: In the Strand magazine, and then later in "Thrilling stories of the Railway" in 1912. Hazell is portrayed as wealthy.

Thorpe Hazell

(Another "railway detective" that has appeared in print but sadly not yet transferred to radio is Inspector Colbeck by Robert Marston.)

First radio appearance : The Affair of the German Despatch Box in 2008 on BBC Radio 7, now called BBC Radio 4 Xtra. This broadcast was read by Benedict Cumberbatch, not acted. Cumberbatch later went on to play Dr Who on BBC tv.

Partner/Sidekick : None

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : Railway tracks, trains, and railway equipment.

Tv connections : Unfortunately, Hazell has not yet transferred to tv.

Theme tune :