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Created by
John Dickson Carr(1906-1977), an American author of detective stories. He was a master of the "locked room mystery", in which a murder is committed inside a locked room, and then Dr Fell has to work out with deductive logic how the murderer could commit such an apparently "impossible" crime.

                                               John Dickson Carr John Dickson Carr
First Appeared in print
.: Dr Gideon Fell first appeared in "Hag's Nook" in 1933.
First radio appearance :Probably in 1990 with Sir Donald Sinden in The House on Gallows Lane. sinden's mellow voice is ideally suited to the mature character of Fell.

Donald Sinden

Partner/Sidekick : Carr had produced Sir Henry Merrivale several years earlier which probably led to the creation of Fell.

Arch Enemies : Fell's enemies were usually clever and tried to cover their crimes with devious means.

Setting/Location : The closed or "locked" room where it appears that the crime must have been impossible to commit. The Blind Barber is set aboard an ocean liner, blind barber a sort of "locked room" setting in itself.

Tv connections : It's a shame that Dr Fell has not yet transferred to tv.

Theme tune : Dr Fell radio tune