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Arch Enemies :  None as such, as each story was independent.

Martin Webster
Martin C Webster, who produced the Paul Temple radio series for the BBC.

Setting/Location :
Many stories are set in the upper-class world of a 1950s foggy London- a world of posh hotels on Park Lane, and high class casinos in Mayfair. But Durbridge contrasted this with action scenes - set in remote locations, like the Essex marshes, an isolated windmill, or the murky waters of the East End docks.

Tv connections : Temple transferred to the tv media in 1969, with the part of Temple being played by Francis Matthews (picture under "Homepage"), and Ross Drinkwater as Steve.

Theme tune : One of the greatest theme tunes in the history of radio. Click here to hear this great pulsing tune, the "Coronation Scot", composed by Vivian Ellis.